CHOCOHOLICIk ben nu in Belgie!!



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At home 23:32

 Choco mouese make-home

Vandaag Ik heb geen school.
Dus!... Onsma en Ik....
made choco mouese!

Choco mouese-home

Heel Heel Lekker!

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Oostende 20:16


Zee! Oostende!
I went to Oostende with onspa onsma en Xena.


Mooi zee!


It's different...It's nice!

long nail-oostende

I have a long nail!

zee kana-oostende

I found a cane!hahaha

zee onspa onsma xena kana-oostende

Vandaag's member!
Onspa Onsma Xena en Kana!

onspa onsma kana-oostende

Mijn familie!!! :)

onspa xena-oostende

hahaha!Xena likes zee!

onspa kana-oostende

Ik heb geen koud!!hahaha!


I like this soup! :D


I made tenpura with onspa!

Ik hou van jou-oostende

Ik hou van mijn familie!!!!
I like belgium zee too!
Dank u voor als!,Kana

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Antwerpen 22:22


Tunnel under the river-Antwerpen

I went to Antwerpen!(2nd times to go)
This is the tunnel under the river.

Lis Kana-Antwerpen

Zij is...Belgian girl,named Lis.
I met Lis when I was in Japan.
She traveled Japan 2months.
Lis and me had good times in Japan.
And now,I'm in Belgium.
I'm very glad about I have a good friend.
And I met to her boyfriend too! :D
I felt he is nice too! ;)


I found funny thing.hahaha

Chocolade(chocolate) Bar-Antwerpen

Dit is heel Lekker!at chocolada bar.
Lis bought it for me! :)
Dank u wel!

 Hond(dog) mix-Antwerpen

I met realy cute dogs! I want...but they are mix...


I never see like this flower in Japan! I was so suprise!


I had saw him when I went to St.Niklaas.
But I saw him again at Antwerpen.
Dus! I talk to him a little.hahaha


I like them songs!(Lis rent a CD for me when I was in Japan)


I bought schoenen! This is 20euro.


This is 15euro!!!
I really wanted to buy shoes for winter so I'm glad!


This is church at Antwerpen.
I'm not sure, but maybe this church is most biggest church in Antwerpen.

Lief met Lis-Antwerpen

Lis en Ik.

I enjoyed Antwerpen so much!
Ik ben blij. Ik hou van Lis!! :D hahaha

Dank u voor als, Kana

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